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This is a list of known Xbox emulation projects

Status Approach Chihiro Name Links Initiator Platform License Notes
Maintained LLE XQEMU [1][2][3] espes Windows/macOS/Linux/Others XQEMU supports hardware-acceleration for the CPU emulation on Linux through KVM.
Maintained HLE/LLE Hybrid Cxbx-Reloaded [4][5] SoullessSentinel Windows Cxbx-Reloaded supports LLE GPU emulation which was taken from XQEMU. At the time of writing, the LLE GPU is significantly slower than in XQEMU.
Dead LLE Tortoise [6] JayFoxRox, phire The decision was made to create an HLE / LLE Xbox emulation project which is maintained similar to Dolphin or Citra. A key focus was on design simplicity. The project started as a continuation of kvmbox, with devices being copied from the XQEMU source code. The project was called kvmbox-reloaded, while the name was being decided. The HLE portion was never worked on.
Dead LLE/HLE Hybrid OpenXBOX [7] mborgerson
Dead HLE/LLE Hybrid xexec Haxar Linux Xexec is an Xbox executable loader & emulator for x86/x64 Linux; handles direct execution of x86 code, executing Xbox game code directly on the CPU, in userspace Linux; All Windows kernel calls from Xbox game code are translated into POSIX syscalls, with no dependency on Wine.
Dead LLE/HLE Hybrid MacBox [8][9] blueshogun96 macOS "The macOS Experiment" - An experimental VM for Macs that don't have support for the official VM framework. A simple proof of concept.
Maintained LLE/HLE Hybrid StrikeBox [10] StrikerX3 Windows/Linux A fork of OpenXBOX, which was turned into a separate project.
Dead HLE Cxbx Caustik Windows
Dead HLE Dxbx [11][12] ShadowTj Windows The project was started on March 23rd 2008. It is an improved port of Cxbx to the Delphi programming language.
? Unknown Dirtbox Windows
? HLE IronBabel daeken Unknown This seems to have been a generic portability framework
? HLE Steelbreeze daeken Unknown
? LLE/HLE Hybrid Zookeeper [13] daeken macOS Using Apple's Hypervisor.framework to run a custom kernel (NightBeliever in the repo) and then running Xbox code from there
? Unknown XbeNext [14] LoveMHz Windows
Dead HLE Xeon _SF_ Windows
? Unknown XProject Windows
? Unknown xbem Windows
Dead LLE/HLE Hybrid Hackbox JayFoxRox Windows/Linux Private This was originally going to be a commercial emulator (but plans were dropped quickly in favor of preservation). The source code was temporarily public but then made private. The source code is still available to a selected group of developers. Hackbox was designed from scratch but re-used code from Cxbx for HLE routine detection.
? LLE kvmbox phire Linux
? HLE XboxHLE Windows
? Unknown boombox Windows
? Unknown vxb Windows
? Unknown exciplex Windows
Maintained LLE MAME [15][16][17][18] yz70s (Samuele Zannoli) and MAME Team Windows/macOS/Linux/Others Focus seems to be on Chihiro emulation.
Dead LLE XBVM monocasa Linux
Dead Xenoborg blueshogun96 Windows
Dead LLE/HLE Hybrid Fusion[19] (Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility) Microsoft Xbox 360 Proprietary
Maintained LLE/HLE Hybrid[citation needed] Fission[20] (Xbox One Backward Compatibility) [21] Microsoft Xbox One Proprietary Announced at E3 2017. Said to be working similar to the 360 support in the Xbox One [22]. The 360 support is probably ahead of time shader translation and runtime CPU translation [23].

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