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XTF is a font file format used in the Dashboard. It became famous for being exploited.

Dashboard fonts

The fonts were designed by Steve Matteson for use in the Xbox Dashboard as well as for promotional materials.

The XTF versions of these fonts contain 7365 glyphs each.


Xbox Font Specimen

A monospace font.

Xbox.xtf from Dashboard.

XBox Book.xtf

XBox Book.xtf from Dashboard.

File format

  • 4 byte (magic)
  • 4 byte (length prefix for following string)
  • zero-terminated string with given buffer length (font-name)
  • GLYPHSET (List of supported glyphs)
  • For each cGlyphsSupported:
  • For each GLYPHSET range
    • For each glyph in this range
      • 2 byte (Index count)
      • 2 byte (Vertex count)
      • For each index:
        • 2 byte (Vertex index)
      • For each vertex:
        • 4 byte float (X-coordinate)
        • 4 byte float (Y-coordinate)

The mesh data is stored as triangle list. 3 indices per triangle.