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For a list of differences between these mainboards, also see Hardware Revisions.

Xbox 1.0

Xbox Version 1.0 Motherboard

The following table is based on an Xbox 1.0[citation needed] retail board.

Device Loc. Part Number Manufacture Description
U2D1 D-2 Pentium III (Coppermine) Intel 733MHz CPU 133MHz FSB 16Kb L1 cache 128Kb L2 cache
U2T1 T-2 SC1186 Semtech Programmable Synchronous DC/DC Converter
U3B1 B-3 LM358D Phillips Dual Operational Amplifier
U3B2 B-4 XGPU nVidia Graphics Processing Unit
U3R1 R-3 CY23S05 Cypress Low-Cost 3.3V Spread Aware Zero Delay Buffer
U3T1 T-3 K4D263238M Samsung 1Mx32Bitx4 DDR Synchronous RAM
U4B1 B-4 CX25871 Conexant Digital Video Encoder (same pinout as Bt868/869)
U4G1 G-5 SC1110CS Semtech Sink and Source DC/DC Controller for Termination Power Supply
U5F1 F-5 K4D263238M Samsung 1Mx32Bitx4 DDR Synchronous RAM
U6A1 A-6 LF353 Texas Instruments Dual General-Purpose JFET-input Operational Amplifier
U6B1 B-6 WM9709 Wolfson Micro High-quality stereo audio DAC (Digital to Analog converter)
U6D1 D-6 K4D263238M Samsung 1Mx32Bitx4 DDR Synchronous RAM
U6E1 E-6 MCPX nVidia Media and Communications Processor
U6F1 F-6 ADM1032 Analog Devices +-1°C Remote and Local System Temperature Monitor
U6N1 N-6 K4D263238M Samsung 1Mx32Bitx4 DDR Synchronous RAM
U7B1 B-7 1893AF Integrated Circuit Systems 3.3V 10Base-T/100Base-TX Integrated PHYceiver
U7B2 B-7 PIC16LC63A-04/S0 Microchip Low voltage 8bit CMOS microcontroller with A/D converter
U7C1 C-7 388R Integrated Circuit Systems Quad PLL Quick Turn Clock Synthesizer
U7C2 C-7 BR24C02 Rohm I2C BUS compatible Serial EEPROM
U7C3 C-7 331M Integrated Circuit Systems Single Output Clock
U7D1 D-7 M29F080A ST Microelectronics 8 MBit (1MB X8, Uniform block) single supply flash memory
U7P1 P-7 <empty> <n/a> <n/a>

USB Daughterboard

Xbox Version 1.0 USB Daughterboard
Device Part Number Manufacture Description
U2 TUSB2046B Texas Instruments 4-Port Hub for USB w/Optional Serial EEPROM Interface

Part TUSB2046B has the following errata published by the Manufacturer (Ref This is handled by the XDK software driver:

TI has found that the TUSB2046B (also TUSB2077A and TUSB2036) has a slight violation in the manner that it determines the intended speed of an attached downstream device.

By the intent of the USB specification (shown in Figure 7-19), the speed should be determined by sampling the DP or DM line following a 100ms debounce interval after either signal (DP or DM) first crosses the VIH threshold. The TUSB2046B (TUSB2077A, TUSB2036) actually samples the speed at the first VIH crossing and latches this value. This issue has only been observed recently with newer devices that either drive DM high or show excessive ringing during the initial connection, hence causing the speed detection to be seen as slow speed by the TUSB2046B (TUSB2077A, TUSB2036). Note that this device is used extensively in the USB 1.1 Gold tree suite, and this issue was never revealed, further pointing to the fact that some newer devices have less control on DM than previous devices, although this is allowed by the USB specification. TI has no planned fix in the pipeline but wants users to be aware of this issue, which can easily be avoided by guaranteeing that DP be asserted high before DM. In the event that a false low-speed detection is observed, the situation can be resolved by performing a CLEAR_PORT_FEATURE(PORT_ENABLE) followed by a RESET_PORT in the software driver, assuming both DP and DM are now stable.

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