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The first Xbox Linux releases were in 2003, and Xbox Linux reached its peak of popularity in 2003-2006. To read more about it, see Historical Xbox Linux. Today, Xbox Linux has more of a hobbyist appeal.

The former kernels of 2.4 and 2.6 were woefully out of date. To save the day, haxar has patched a modern kernel (5.8) with everything needed to run a terminal-based instance of Xbox linux. This kernel can be used as the basis for setting up modern Xbox Linux distributions.

It would be possible to use Xbox Linux to bundle Linux setups and individual Linux applications, once the proper functionality is set up. Linux also has applications as a platform for investigating the Xbox hardware.

Current Status

A CD-installable distro is currently being worked on.

For a list of the current issues that are blocking functionality on Xbox Linux, see Xbox Linux Issues.

For some guides and information that might help you get Xbox Linux up and running, see Xbox Linux Tips and Tricks.



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