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The Xbox contains a DVD Drive which can read Xbox Game Discs. For a list of drives Microsoft used in the Xbox, see Hardware Revisions.

Xbox DVD drives are dying left and right. It is not advisable to require any new software to be launched from optical media, although this can be provided as an option for those who have never upgraded their Xbox hard drives (and still have a working DVD drive...)

It is possible to replace an Xbox DVD drive with a PC DVD drive with some modification. (What kind of drives work for this?)

Xbox DVD Media Compatibility Chart.png

Extra commands / modifications






Page 0x3E is used for security. Accessed through MODE SELECT 10 and MODE SENSE 10. [FIXME]

Offset Field Type Notes
0 Mode page u8
1 Length u8 Excluding this and the field before. Should always be 18
2 Partition select u8 0x00 = Video partition
0x01 = Xbox partition

This will be set to 0x01 by the kernel when the last challenge was verified. This is done by sending the same challenge again, the challenge id / value is not reset.
3 Unknown u8 If this is not 1, the kernel will reject this as an XGD (but still allow normal access?![citation needed])
4 Authenticated u8 0x00 = Not authenticated
0x01 = Already authenticated or authentication in progress

This will be set to 0x01 by the kernel when the first challenge is send.
5 Booktype (0xF0) and Bookversion (0x0F) u8 Booktype 0xD is used for Xbox games. This must match info from the SS.
6 Unknown u8  ?
7 Challenge id u8
8 Challenge value u32
12 Response value u32
16 Unknown u8 Unused?
17 Unknown u8 Unused?
18 Unknown u8 Unused?
19 Unknown u8 Unused?

DVD authentication


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