Azurik: Rise of Perathia

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Known tricky behaviour

Skinning code / Shader rounding mode

This game depends on correct GPU rounding. If an emulator suffers from issues with non-exact rounding in the shaders which do the skinning / skeletal animation the character models will be very broken.


IIRC Code is like:

A0 = c[113].x + c[113].z = 18
*do stuff with c[96+A0] to c[98+A0]*

A0 = c[113].x + c[113].z = 21
*do stuff with c[96+A0] to c[98+A0]* 

A0 = c[113].y * v2
*do stuff with c[96+A0] to c[98+A0]*

c[113] is vec4(15, 765, 3, 0). 765 = 3*255.
v2 is GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, normalized => v2 = raw/255.
A0 = 765 * raw/255 = 3*raw.

This should all be working, but it's not. NV2A/Vertex Shader does round-to-zero. Behaviour for GLSL and other modern graphic APIs is undefined.. To work around this rounding issue A0 += 1.0/255.0 can be used as a temporary hack