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Videochat - Xbox Cam

Videochat was released June 2004 in Japan and is a Xbox live enabled/required video chat program with a camera called "Xbox cam" that allowed users to voice and video chat with fellow Xbox videochat users. an active live subscription apear to be required. up to 5 users can videochat with eachother.

"The package includes a camera, a 12-month subscription to Xbox Live, an Xbox Live Voice Communicator, Video Chat Disk with software needed to make it all work, and an Xbox Live Starter Kit Disk. The Xbox Video Chat provides for voice alteration and comes with 40 preinstalled background music tracks. It includes a function to turn the TV screen into a mirror temporarily, so players can groom themselves before joining a conversation." The Inspiration Room - Xbox Live Video Chat in Japan

  • Dvd mediaset number: X10-98754
  • Xbox cam: X10-71835