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It's either a delta electronics power supply or foxlink[citation needed]

On a 1.0 xbox supply, there seems to be 2 types for the US 120V and EU 240V market. The marks are on the PCB with a check next to them DPSN-96-AP-1 should be the EU 240V one DPSN-96-AP is the US 120V one

There is a link J11 under CR1 (right side of the coil under it) that might make the difference between 120V and 240V it also seems that the Bridge rectifier is bigger on the US models. This could make sense as it has to handle double the current. So, before experimenting with this it might be worth to check if the installed type can handle 2.3 amps.

The rated output currents are also noted on the PCB

3V3 Standby 0.075A 3V3 4.8A 5V 13.2A 12V 1.2A

A pc ATX supply needs a line pulled to GND to turn on the supply. The xbox supply needs a voltage (3V3?) on it's power on line to turn the supply on.

Connector pinout

Xbox 1.0 and 1.1

Pin Usage
Pin 1 +12V
Pin 2 +5V
Pin 3 +5V
Pin 4 +5V
Pin 5 +3.3V
Pin 6 +3V Standby
Pin 7 GND
Pin 8 GND
Pin 9 GND
Pin 10 GND
Pin 11 POWON
Pin 12 POWOK

Xbox 1.2 and later

Pin Usage
Pin 1 +5V
Pin 2 +5V
Pin 3 +5V
Pin 4 None
Pin 5 GND
Pin 6 None
Pin 7 +3.3V
Pin 8 None
Pin 9 GND
Pin 10 POWOK
Pin 11 +12V
Pin 12 None
Pin 13 +5V
Pin 14 GND
Pin 15 +3V Standby
Pin 16 GND
Pin 17 None
Pin 18 +3.3V
Pin 19 GND
Pin 20 POWON

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