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This is a list of known Xbox emulation projects

Status Approach Chihiro Name Links Initiator Platform License Notes
✔ Maintained LLE XQEMU [1][2][3] espes Windows/Linux/Mac/Others XQEMU supports hardware-acceleration for the CPU emulation on Linux through KVM.
✔ Maintained HLE/LLE Hybrid Cxbx-Reloaded [4][5] SoullessSentinel Windows Cxbx-Reloaded supports LLE GPU emulation which was taken from XQEMU. At the time of writing, it is significantly slower than in XQEMU.
Dead LLE Tortoise [6] JayFoxRox, phire The decision was made to create an HLE / LLE Xbox emulation project which is maintained similar to Dolphin or Citra. A key focus was on design simplicity. The project started as a continuation of kvmbox, with devices being copied from the XQEMU source code. The project was called kvmbox-reloaded, while the name was being decided. The HLE portion was never worked on.
Dead LLE/HLE Hybrid OpenXBOX [7] mborgerson
Dead HLE Cxbx Caustik Windows
Dead HLE Dxbx [8][9] ShadowTj Windows The project was started on March 23rd 2008. It is an improved port of Cxbx to the Delphi programming language.
Unknown Unknown Dirtbox Windows
Unknown HLE IronBabel daeken Unknown This seems to have been a generic portability framework
Unknown HLE Steelbreeze daeken Unknown
Unknown LLE/HLE Hybrid Zookeeper [10] daeken Mac Using Apple's Hypervisor.framework to run a custom kernel (NightBeliever in the repo) and then running Xbox code from there
Unknown Unknown XbeNext LoveMHz Windows
Dead HLE Xeon _SF_ Windows
Unknown Unknown XProject Windows
Unknown Unknown xbem Windows
Dead LLE/HLE Hybrid Hackbox JayFoxRox Windows/Linux Private This was originally going to be a commercial emulator (but plans were dropped quickly in favor of preservation). The source code was temporarily public but then made private. The source code is still available to a selected group of developers. Hackbox was designed from scratch but re-used code from Cxbx for HLE routine detection.
Unknown LLE kvmbox phire Linux
Unknown HLE XboxHLE Windows
Unknown Unknown boombox Windows
Unknown Unknown vxb Windows
Unknown Unknown exciplex Windows
✔ Maintained LLE MAME MAME Team Windows/Linux/Mac/Others Focus seems to be on Chihiro emulation. Does Xbox (non-Chihiro) emulation exist yet?[citation needed]
Dead LLE XBVM monocasa Windows
Dead Xenoborg blueshogun96 Windows
Dead LLE/HLE Hybrid Fusion[11] (Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility) Microsoft Xbox 360 Proprietary
✔ Maintained LLE/HLE Hybrid[citation needed] Fission[12] (Xbox One Backward Compatibility) [13] Microsoft Xbox One Proprietary Announced at E3 2017. Said to be working similar to the 360 support in the Xbox One [14]. The 360 support is probably ahead of time shader translation and runtime CPU translation [15].

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