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Hidden features

Hotkey to switch to HD modes

Latest Xbox Dashboard (5960) force 480p display mode:

Press and hold Left trigger, right trigger, and both analog stick buttons.

The normally displayed 480i dashboard will switch to 480p output while using the Xbox High Definition AV Pack or cable.

Repeat button combo to toggle between 480p and 480i.

Music visualization in fullscreen

Press "Y" then "X" while playing audio CDs or soundtracks stored on the HDD to display full-screen geiss-like music visualization. Or, press Info button on the DVD Playback Kit remote.

But, wait there's more (only visible with DVD Playback Kit and Remote).

Fullscreen Visualization Part 2:

  1. Start playing a song using either the Xbox controller or playback kit remote.
  2. Press "Y" then "X" on the controller or "INFO" on the remote to get the full screen visualization.
  3. Here's the part that requires the DVD Playback Kit remote. Press "STOP" or "PAUSE" (you cannot use the controller to stop the music to see it as doing so goes back to the Music Playback menu with the small visualization area). Once the music visualization pattern dies down, a full-screen swirling starfield pattern appears. After some time passes, the screen will be filled with a changing burst of solid color where you can make out the wireframe spinning globe seen encompassing the main dashboard background. The burst of color fades to black leaving the swirling starfield. The cycle repeats with a random changing solid color burst which fades to the swirling starfield.

Not quite true about needing the remote control, if playing a CD while full screen visualization is displayed, press the eject button on the front of the Xbox console.

Soundtrack name Easter-Egg ("<<Eggsβox>>")

Stored in settings_adoc.xip (which is actually an XBE file)

Steps to activate Soundtrack Easter Egg:

  1. Insert an audio CD and let it begin to play.
  2. Stop the disk and step back (press B) in order to "Copy" selected tracks of the CD to the hard drive.
  3. When the track list comes up, "Select All" and continue.
  4. Choose "New Soundtrack" as the destination for your selection.
  5. Enter the name of your soundtrack exactly as follows: <<Eggsβox>> including the less than, beta, and greater than symbols.
  6. After you have entered the title, select "Done". A "Thank You" message starts which is followed by a scrolling list of the Xbox Team members.

If you press a button on the controller or let the message play through to the end -- the Xbox reboots.

Parental Control Bypass

If Parental Control is enabled and the password set has been forgotten, all is not lost. Use the following sequence:

  • X, Y, Left trigger, X

SET PASS CODE, MOVIES and GAMES level can now be modified and the pass code removed if so desired.

With SET PASS CODE selected, press "A" twice to be prompted, "Do you wish to delete the current pass code?". Select Yes or No.

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