Xbox Memory Unit

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The memory units are typically formatted with FATX.

Product name VID PID Capacity Notes"
Microsoft Corp. Xbox Memory Unit (8MB) 0x045e 0x0280 8MB Official one
ThrustMaster, Inc. 0x044f 0x0f0c 8MB Green logo Xbox and white "Trustmaster

Unlicensed Xbox Memory Units

Some unlicensed Memory Units where made.

Product name VID PID Capacity Notes
Weltrend Semiconductor XBOX Xploder 0x040b 0x6520 8MB Green sticker "Gamesaves"

Compatible USB sticks

Aside from the official licensed Memory Units, some standard USB storage devices can be reformatted as Xbox Memory Unit. (It is rumored that the capacity should not exceed 4GB) However, not all devices are compatible, so the following table gives a list of known devices:

Product name VID PID Capacity Notes
BESTRUNNER 256MB Speicherstick 0xABCD 0x1234 256MB
USB Mass Storage Device 0x058F 0x9381 64MB Generic Mass Storage Device