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XID Overview

XIDs are USB devices.

USB Adapters

The Xbox input devices are USB devices. As such, you can connect a keyboard to the Xbox, or a gamepad to your PC. In fact, Linux already has drivers for the gamepad. In order to preserve Xbox hardware, please do not cut OEM Xbox cables to make an adapter. Decent adapters can be acquired cheaply (~$10 USD ea. on 2017.04.30).

Port (From) Plug (To) Link
Xbox USB-A Amazon
USB-A Xbox Amazon


Untested / unverified! Take this with a grain of salt.

Pin Typical cable color Description
1 Green USB D-
2 White USB D+
3 Black GND
4 Red VCC
5 Yellow VBlank signal from video output (for Lightguns)


Controller to Xbox

typedef struct XIDGamepadReport {
    uint8_t bReportId;
    uint8_t bLength;

Xbox to Controller

typedef struct XIDGamepadOutputReport {
    uint8_t report_id; //FIXME: is this correct?
    uint8_t length;

Standard Gamepads

USB Descriptors

Most standard gamepads share the same USB descriptor. Usually the only difference will be the VID / PID. See for a list of devices.

Controller to Xbox

20 bytes

Field Offset (Bytes) Mask Notes
DPAD_UP 2 0x01
DPAD_DOWN 2 0x02
DPAD_LEFT 2 0x04
START 2 0x10
BACK 2 0x20
A 4 0xFF Button is analog
B 5 0xFF Button is analog
X 6 0xFF Button is analog
Y 7 0xFF Button is analog
BLACK 8 0xFF Button is analog
WHITE 9 0xFF Button is analog
LEFT_TRIGGER 10 0xFF Trigger is analog
RIGHT_TRIGGER 11 0xFF Trigger is analog
sThumbLX 12 0xFFFF
sThumbLY 14 0xFFFF
sThumbRX 16 0xFFFF
sThumbRY 18 0xFFFF

Xbox to Controller

6 bytes

Field Offset (Bytes) Mask Notes
Left actuator strength 2 0xFFFF
Right actuator strength 4 0xFFFF

Steering wheels

Light guns

Steel Battalion Controller

USB Descriptors


bcdUSB:             0x0110
bDeviceClass:         0x00
bDeviceSubClass:      0x00
bDeviceProtocol:      0x00
bMaxPacketSize0:      0x08 (8)
idVendor:           0x0A7B
idProduct:          0xD000
bcdDevice:          0x0100
iManufacturer:        0x00
iProduct:             0x00
iSerialNumber:        0x00
bNumConfigurations:   0x01

ConnectionStatus: DeviceConnected
Current Config Value: 0x00
Device Bus Speed:     Full
Device Address:       0x03
Open Pipes:              0

Configuration Descriptor:
wTotalLength:       0x0020
bNumInterfaces:       0x01
bConfigurationValue:  0x01
iConfiguration:       0x00
bmAttributes:         0x80 (Bus Powered )
MaxPower:             0xFA (500 Ma)

Interface Descriptor:
bInterfaceNumber:     0x00
bAlternateSetting:    0x00
bNumEndpoints:        0x02
bInterfaceClass:      0x58
bInterfaceSubClass:   0x42
bInterfaceProtocol:   0x00
iInterface:           0x00

Endpoint Descriptor:
bEndpointAddress:     0x82
Transfer Type:   Interrupt

Controller to Xbox

26 bytes

Field Offset (Bytes) Mask Notes
RightJoyMainWeapon 2 0x01
RightJoyFire 2 0x03 FIXME: WTF?! Mask might be bad?
RightJoyLockOn 2 0x04
Eject 2 0x08
CockpitHatch 2 0x10
Ignition 2 0x20
Start 2 0x40
MultiMonOpenClose 2 0x80
MultiMonMapZoomInOut 3 0x01
MultiMonModeSelect 3 0x02
MultiMonSubMonitor 3 0x04
MainMonZoomIn 3 0x08
MainMonZoomOut 3 0x10
FunctionFSS 3 0x20
FunctionManipulator 3 0x40
FunctionLineColorChange 3 0x80
Washing 4 0x01
Extinguisher 4 0x02
Chaff 4 0x04
FunctionTankDetach 4 0x08
FunctionOverride 4 0x10
FunctionNightScope 4 0x20
FunctionF1 4 0x40
FunctionF2 4 0x80
FunctionF3 5 0x01
WeaponConMain 5 0x02
WeaponConSub 5 0x04
WeaponConMagazine 5 0x08
Comm1 5 0x10
Comm2 5 0x20
Comm3 5 0x40
Comm4 5 0x80
Comm5 6 0x01
LeftJoySightChange 6 0x02
ToggleFilterControl 6 0x04
ToggleOxygenSupply 6 0x08
ToggleFuelFlowRate 6 0x10
ToggleBuffreMaterial 6 0x20
ToggleVTLocation 6 0x40
6 0x80
7 0xFF
8 0xFF
AimingX 9 0xFF, maybe 0xFFFF at offset 8? "Aiming Lever" joystick on the right. X Axis value.
AimingY 11 0xFF, maybe 0xFFFF at offset 10? "Aiming Lever" joystick on the right. Y Axis value.
RotationLever 13 0xFF, maybe 0xFFFF at offset 12? "Rotation Lever" joystick on the left.
SightChangeX 15 0xFF, maybe 0xFFFF at offset 14? "Sight Change" analog stick on the "Rotation Lever" joystick. X Axis value.
SightChangeY 17 0xFF, maybe 0xFFFF at offset 16? "Sight Change" analog stick on the "Rotation Lever" joystick. Y Axis value.
LeftPedal 19 0xFF, maybe 0xFFFF at offset 18?
MiddlePedal 21 0xFF, maybe 0xFFFF at offset 20?
RightPedal 23 0xFF, maybe 0xFFFF at offset 22?
TunerDial 24 0x0F The 9 o'clock postion is 0, and the 6 o'clock position is 12. The blank area between the 6 and 9 o'clock positions is 13, 14, and 15 clockwise.
24 0xF0
GearLever 25 0xFF The gear lever on the left block.

Xbox to Controller

34 bytes

Field Offset (Bytes) Mask Notes
EmergencyEject 2 0x0F
CockpitHatch 2 0xF0
Ignition 3 0x0F
Start 3 0xF0
OpenClose 4 0x0F
MapZoomInOut 4 0xF0
ModeSelect 5 0x0F
SubMonitorModeSelect 5 0xF0
MainMonitorZoomIn 6 0x0F
MainMonitorZoomOut 6 0xF0
ForecastShootingSystem 7 0x0F
Manipulator 7 0xF0
LineColorChange 8 0x0F
Washing 8 0xF0
Extinguisher 9 0x0F
Chaff 9 0xF0
TankDetach 10 0x0F
Override 10 0xF0
NightScope 11 0x0F
F1 11 0xF0
F2 12 0x0F
F3 12 0xF0
MainWeaponControl 13 0x0F
SubWeaponControl 13 0xF0
MagazineChange 14 0x0F
Comm1 14 0xF0
Comm2 15 0x0F
Comm3 15 0xF0
Comm4 16 0x0F
Comm5 16 0xF0
17 0x0F
GearR 17 0xF0
GearN 18 0x0F
Gear1 18 0xF0
Gear2 19 0x0F
Gear3 19 0xF0
Gear4 20 0x0F
Gear5 20 0xF0