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Xbox games are shipped on DVDs. They are commonly referred to as Xbox Game Discs (XGD).




2048 Bytes

Challenge entry:

Offset Field Notes
0 Level
1 Challenge id
2 Challenge value
6 Response modifier
7 Response value

Security sector range

Offset Field Notes
3 Start PSN
6 End PSN

Overall format:

Offset Field Notes
0 Bookversion and Booktype
768 Version of challenge table
769 Number of challenge entries
770 Challenge entries
1633 16 security sector ranges
1840 16 security sector ranges Copy from Offset 1633

Note that this information is still incomplete!


2048 Bytes


2048 Bytes


To dump Xbox Game Discs you need one of the following drives / firmwares:

Drive Standard Original Firmware download Name of modified Firmware for dumping
[citation needed] 0800
Toshiba SD-M2012C IDE Kreon[citation needed]
Samsung SH-D162C IDE SB00 Kreon 0.60 (July 30th 2006)
SB00 Kreon 0.80 (September 9th 2006)
SB01 Kreon 1.00 (October 9th 2007)
Samsung SH-D162D IDE SB00
SB02[citation needed]
SB00 Kreon 1.00 (November 18th 2007)
Toshiba TS-H352C IDE Kreon[citation needed]
Toshiba TS-H352D IDE Kreon[citation needed]
Samsung SH-D163A SATA SB01 Kreon 1.00 (October 9th 2007)
Samsung SH-D163B SATA Kreon 1.00 (November 18th 2007)
Toshiba TS-H353A SATA [citation needed]
Toshiba TS-H353B SATA [citation needed]

Please note that the modified firmwares are based on copyrighted material and can therefore not be legally shared here. Patch files to patch original firmwares into dumping-firmwares would be appreciated.

Flashing software:

  • TSDNMAC for MacOS
  • SFDNWIN for Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP
  • TSDNWIN for Microsoft Windows Vista and 7
  • Dell SFDNDOS and the newer TSDNDOS for Microsoft DOS

For current dumping instructions see the Dumping Guide by the Redump Project.

Xbox related commands

Enable Unlock 1 (xtreme) state

Supported by: Kreon 1.00

FF 08 01 01

Enable Unlock 1 (xtreme) state' as we already know it from the 360 xtreme modded drives. This command is supported for legacy reasons only. Custom applications should use the new 'Set Lock State' instead.

Set Lock State

Supported by: Kreon 1.00

FF 08 01 11 xx
  • xx=00 - Drive locked (no unlock state)
  • xx=01 - Unlock State 1 (xtreme) enabled
  • xx=02 - Unlock state 2 (wxripper) enabled

SS extract command

Supported by: Kreon 1.00

AD 00 FF 02 FD FF FE 00 08 00 xx C0

This is the well known from the xtreme firmware.

Get Feature List

Supported by: Kreon 1.00

FF 08 01 10

This command will return a list of the additional features supported by the drive. All values returned are 16 bit values, and the list is terminated with null (0x0000). The two first words of the returned list always reads as 0xA55A 0X5AA5 in order to guarantee that a reply from a drive not supporting this command correctly isn't mistaken for a feature list.

An example feature list could be: 0xA55A, 0x5AA5, 0x0100, 0xF000, 0xF001, 0x0000

This list would indicate that the drive supports XBOX360 Unlock 1, Lock and Error Skip, as it can be seen from the values defined below:

XBOX 360 related features:

  • 0x0100 : The drive supports the unlock 1 state (xtreme)
  • 0x0101 : The drive supports the unlock 2 state (wxripper)
  • 0x0120 : The drive can read and decrypt the SS
  • 0x0121 : The drive has full challenge response functionality

XBOX related features:

  • 0x0200 : The drive supports the unlock 1 state (xtreme)
  • 0x0201 : The drive supports the unlock 2 state (wxripper)
  • 0x0220 : The drive can read and decrypt the SS
  • 0x0221 : The drive has full challenge response functionality

General drive features:

  • 0xF000 : The drive supports the lock (cancel any unlock state) command
  • 0xF001 : The drive supports error skipping

This is the complete list of defined features at the moment. If you're working on a custom application you might want to contact me in order to get the latest list.

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