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XBE files (XBox Executable) are the main files that are executed in the Xbox System. In official games, these files are created by game developers, and then signed by Microsoft.

Title ID

A title ID is usually 2 ASCII letters for the publisher, followed by a u16 integer game number (Above 2000 for non-original Xbox games)

Publisher ID Name
AC Acclaim Entertainment
AH ARUSH Entertainment
AQ Aqua System
AT Atlus
AV Activision
AY Aspyr Media
BA Bandai
BL Black Box
BM BAM! Entertainment
BR Broccoli Co.
BS Bethesda Softworks
BU Bunkasha Co.
BV Buena Vista Games
BW BBC Multimedia
BZ Blizzard
CC Capcom
CK Kemco Corporation [citation needed]
CM Codemasters
CV Crave Entertainment
DC DreamCatcher Interactive
DX Davilex
EA Electronic Arts (EA)
EC Encore inc
EL Enlight Software
EM Empire Interactive
ES Eidos Interactive
FI Fox Interactive
FS From Software
GE Genki Co.
GV Groove Games
HE Tru Blu (Entertainment division of Home Entertainment Suppliers)
HP Hip games
HU Hudson Soft
HW Highwaystar
IA Mad Catz Interactive
IF Idea Factory
IG Infogrames
IL Interlex Corporation
IM Imagine Media
IO Ignition Entertainment
IP Interplay Entertainment
IX InXile Entertainment [citation needed]
JA Jaleco
KB Kemco [citation needed]
KI Kids Station Inc. [citation needed]
KN Konami
KU Kobi and/or GAE (formerly Global A Entertainment)[citation needed]
LA LucasArts
LS Black Bean Games (publishing arm of Leader S.p.A.)
MD Metro3D
ME Medix
MI Microïds
MJ Majesco Entertainment
MM Myelin Media
MP MediaQuest [citation needed]
MS Microsoft Game Studios
MW Midway Games
MX Empire Interactive [citation needed]
NK NewKidCo
NL NovaLogic
NM Namco
OX Oxygen Interactive
PC Playlogic Entertainment
PL Phantagram Co., Ltd.
RA Rage
SA Sammy
SC SCi Games
SS Simon & Schuster
SU Success Corporation
SW Swing! Deutschland
TA Takara
TC Tecmo
TD The 3DO Company (or just 3DO)
TK Takuyo
TM TDK Mediactive
TS Titus Interactive
TT Take-Two Interactive Software
US Ubisoft
VC Victor Interactive Software
VN Vivendi Universal (just took Interplays publishing rights) [citation needed]
VU Vivendi Universal Games
VV Vivendi Universal Games [citation needed]
WE Wanadoo Edition
WR Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment [citation needed]
XI XPEC Entertainment and Idea Factory
XK Xbox kiosk disk? [citation needed]
XL Xbox special bundled or live demo disk? [citation needed]
XM Evolved Games [citation needed]
XP XPEC Entertainment
XR Panorama
YB YBM Sisa (South-Korea)
ZD Zushi Games (formerly Zoo Digital Publishing)

The title ID seems to double the information from the Xbox Game Disc mastering code etched into the ring or readable from the DMI. The game number is expressed in 3 decimal digits here which suggests that it will always be below 1000.


FIFA Soccer 2003:

  • DMI and mastering code: EA02302E (Meaning: publisher EA, game number 023, version 02, region Europe)
  • Title ID: [FIXME]

Halo: Combat Evolved:

  • DMI and mastering code: MS00402A (Meaning: publisher Microsoft, game number 004, version 02, region America)
  • Title ID: 4D530004 [MS-004]

Halo: Combat Evolved:

  • DMI and mastering code: MS00404E (Meaning: publisher Microsoft, game number 004, version 04, region Europe)
  • Title ID: 4D530004 [MS-004]



The .text section contains all x86 subroutines to be executed by the processor.


The .rdata section contains the kernel thunk table. The ordinals in the table are to be resolved to the kernel's actual calling routine, when loaded.

Xbox Alpha executable format

Binaries from early Xbox development (Alpha units), are using a different binary format. There are no known public tools that can read them. Known differences include that the first bytes of the file are 'XE' instead the 'XBEH' from the final XBE format. The format is rumored to be more like the Windows PE format.[citation needed]

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