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Hard Drive Contents page.

Should this set of pages be formatted to have a main page that lists the various versions of Xbox dashboards as there are many.

The final 5960 and a lot of previous minor and major updates from the initial release on Xbox v1.0's.

I've found a list of versions at two different web sites but the content is not listed for all the HDD files.


Dashboard Versions

- 3944

   -   I think this version number may not be displayed on the System Info
       screen under the Settings option of the dashboard's main menu.

- 4034


- 4817


- 1.00.4920.01 revision 10027100

   -   Contains a "C:\\xboxdashdata.10027100" directory
   -   Known to be bundled with an Xbox using 4817 kernel

- 4920 revision 1012a700

   -   Contains a "C:\\xboxdashdata.1012a700" directory
   -   Bundled with [Slayer's EvoX Auto-Installer
       CD which is just over 100MB large.

- 1.00.4960.01 w/ 17cdc100 directory

   -   Contains a "C:\\xboxdashdata.1012a700" directory
   -   Obtained by using Dash 4920 revision 10027100 and getting an "Xbox
       Live!" update. The dash was updated to this version and a dialog box
       said the system needed to restart to obtain the latest dashboard, and
       then I rebooted and saw this instead of pushing OK in the dialog box and
       continuing to update. The following files were different:
       -   The C:\\xboxdashdata.1012a700 was renamed to C:\\17cdc100
       -   xboxdash.xbe was different (slightly larger)
       -   Files under C:\\xodash\\ were updated, including the two XBE files.
       -   None of the XBE files were dated later than August of 2003, even
           though I downloaded the files later. Sorry, this isn't a salvation
           for Kernel 5713 users.

- 1.00.5659.03 revision 17F14D00

   -   I believe this came from updating using Ninja Gaiden.

- 1.00.5659.03 revision 17e4cd00

   -   Sealed the security breaches that let old font hacks and audio hacks
       work. (All newer versions also will not work with the old hacks.)

- 5960 ([referenced](

- [sylver77 has concluded that dashboard 4627 does not

   exist]( which is
   why it is never tested in any of the homebrew software. I have seen
   references to an XDK dashboard version 4627, so I suppose the official XDK
   developers have some sort of thing called the "XDK Dashboard".

- Some/all of these dashboard versions were simply taken from the [MS

   Dashboard DVD Region Free Patch compatibility

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