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The Super I/O board is a feature of some Development Kits. The board is build around a SMSC LPC47M157 chip (Datasheet) and interfaces with the Xbox via a ribbon cable connected to the LPC Debug Port.

The board provides the following ports:

unpopulated ports or functions are:

Picture of the board[FIXME]


Its a four layer board, layers 2 and 3 are filled on the entire board, probably ground and power planes. north, or up in the next tables is up as written the layer numbers and silkscreen common direction. The folowing main parts are populated on the board:

total Labels Description
1 U1 SMSC LPC47M157-NC (1996 )
1 U3 MAX223EAI (0104, first week 2004?)
1 Y2 CMX-309FB B (14.3181Mhz standard Clock Oscillator )
1 J7 AMP rs232 Male connector
1 J9 16 pins male header (LPC bus)
5 R1,R7,R10,R11,R12 10Kohm smd resistor
7 C10,C12,C13,C16,C17,C36,C37 Bigger, probably NOT all the same caps
17 C1,C2,C9,C15,C1?(8?),C21,C22,C23,C24,C25,C26,C28,C31,C32,C33,C34,C35 Smaller, also, asuming not all the same

The connections in the following tables are checked with the continuity test on a VOM(Multimeter). but for now here are the listings of wich pin goes where:

U1 SMsC LPC ic

Pin to pin Note
U1 pin 18 C17(up) and ? (not finished)
U1 pin 6,7 C17(down) and GND Both U1 pins yes)
U1 p24 J9 pin 3 LFrame
U1 p27 R7 Pull up (3.3v)
U1 p29 J9 pin 1 LClk
U1 p30 J9 pin 16 (unkown function)
U1 p40 GND
U1 p44 3.3v with C2 Vcc?
U1 p45 R1 (R2 unpopulated) Pull down (R2 would be pullup 3.3v)
U1 p60 GND
U1 P84 U3 P8 RX
U1 P85 U3 P6 TX

J9 LPC header

Not finished

Pin to pin Note
J9 pin 1 U1 p29
J9 pin 2 GND
J9 pin 3 U1 p24 LFrame
J9 pin 4 NC no pin
J9 pin 5 RST
J9 pin 6 C12(e),C13(S),C15(S),U3 p11. 5V
J9 pin 7 LAD3
J9 pin 8 LAD2
J9 pin 9 3.3V
J9 pin 10 LAD1
J9 pin 11 LAD0
J9 pin 12 GND
J9 pin 13 U1 p104 SCL
J9 pin 14 U1 p103 SDA
J9 pin 15 3.3V
J9 pin 16 U1 p30 (unkown function)

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