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It's either a Foxlink[citation needed] or Delta Electronics power supply for most xboxes. Some are rumoured to be shipped with a Minebea brand and 1.6 xboxes are found with a "tuscany" made probably by Samsung.

On a 1.0 xbox supply, there seems to be 2[citation needed] types for the US 120V and EU 240V market.

The standby voltage powers the SMC which handles turning on and off the system. The Xbox supply needs a voltage (3V3?) on it's power-on line to leave the standby mode. This results in the other voltages being supplied.

Delta Electronics

The marks are on the PCB with a check next to them:

  • Delta Electronics DPSN-96-AP-1 should be the EU 240V one[citation needed]
  • Delta Electronics DPSN-96-AP is the US 120V one

There is a link J11 under CR1 (right side of the coil under it) that might make the difference between 120V and 240V. It also seems that the Bridge rectifier is bigger on the US models. This could make sense as it has to handle double the current. So, before experimenting with this it might be worth to check if the installed type can handle 2.3 amps.

The rated output currents are also noted on the PCB

  • 3V3 Standby 0.075A
  • 3V3 4.8A
  • 5V 13.2A
  • 12V 1.2A

Foxlink Technology LTD

[FIXME]On the lower heatsink, there is a sticker with the following markings and versions:

  • MODEL: FTPS-0001 REV:B [citation needed] (120V)
  • MODEL: FTPS-0002 REV:B (from a 2002 PAL (240V))
  • MODEL: FTPS-0002 REV:H (from a 2003 PAL (240V))
  • MODEL: FTPS-0002 REV:G [citation needed] (240V)
  • MODEL: FTPS-0007 REV:B [citation needed] (120V) (are these after the powercord recall?)
  • MODEL: FTPS-0007 REV:D [citation needed] (120V) (are these after the powercord recall?)

The rated output currents are also noted on the sticker

  • 96W Max output power
  • 3V3 Standby 0.045A
  • 3V3 4.8A
  • 5V 13.2A
  • 12V 1.2A

Powercord recall

Microsoft started an powercord recall, or more like a replacement program xbox.comfor what apeared to be Foxlink powersupplies having a bad powerplug connector on the back of the console and where installed in 1.0 and 1.1 Xboxes.[citation needed]. Microsoft tried to resolve this by offering free replacement powercords and advising to trow out the old ones. More to the power cord replacement than meets the eye?[FIXME].

From the Microsoft powercord replacement FAQ:

Does my console require a replacement cord?
If it was manufactured before October 23, 2003, your console requires a replacement cord (except for consoles purchased in Continental Europe, where consoles manufactured prior to January 13, 2004 require a replacement cord). Consoles manufactured after October 23, 2003 (after January 13, 2004 for consoles purchased in Continental Europe) do not require replacement cords because design improvements to the cord and console already protect against the problems that are addressed by the replacement cords.[1]

The old page describing how to order has been archived here: [2] One would either recieve a thicker but very similiar powercord or an actual GFI (Ground Fault Circuit Interupter). a online form would then be used to determine wich type of cable you recieve by means of serial number. [FIXME]


A video of whats inside an european (UK) "AFCI" [3]

An european AFCI ordered from MS for free had the following on the bottom label.

Part number X800925-100
200-240V~,50/60HZ, 610mA
MFG Code DN0855

The cable that is wired to the AFCI has the following markings:

top bottom
Old and New cords

The replacement cable has the following markings:[citation needed]

top bottom
JHT-031 [citation needed]

The older cable that needed replacement was:

top bottom
NITTO SS W41-27854
JHT-013 N15905

Presumely this one doesnt come with tighter tolerances.

Samsung "TUSCANY"

Found in 1.6 xboxes and seems to be made by Samsung (or atleast the main transformer is, wich also has the detail label on it) [FIXME]

  • PSCD101301A



  • MS001A096EMJ
Minebea Electronics UK LTD (circuit board)
DWG No. 1 R26PA-SE300393 REV: E
PART No. 1 1612100002
NMB Technologies Corp Power Supply Division
Made in Thailand
Model: MS001A096EMJ
REV: 08
AC INPUT:100-120V 2A 47-63Hz

Connector pinout

Xbox 1.0 and 1.1

Pin Usage
Pin 1 +12V
Pin 2 +5V
Pin 3 +5V
Pin 4 +5V
Pin 5 +3.3V
Pin 6 +3V Standby
Pin 7 GND
Pin 8 GND
Pin 9 GND
Pin 10 GND
Pin 11 POWON
Pin 12 POWOK

Xbox 1.2 and later

Pin Usage
Pin 1 +5V
Pin 2 +5V
Pin 3 +5V
Pin 4 None
Pin 5 GND
Pin 6 None
Pin 7 +3.3V
Pin 8 None
Pin 9 GND
Pin 10 POWOK
Pin 11 +12V
Pin 12 None
Pin 13 +5V
Pin 14 GND
Pin 15 +3V Standby
Pin 16 GND
Pin 17 None
Pin 18 +3.3V
Pin 19 GND
Pin 20 POWON

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