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The Xbox contains an Ethernet module and one RJ45 connector. Additionally, separate modem and wireless accessories were considered when developing the console. Eventually, an official wireless adapter was released based on a "D-Link 108AG Gaming Adapter" in the end of 2003.

The XDK provides a TCP/IP protocol stack complete with a DNS PPTP, DHCP clients. The IANA registered port 3074 (UDP / TCP) is reserved for Xbox communications (See System Link and Xbox Live).

Integrated network adapter

Integrated in the Nvidia Southbridge MCPX chip which is similar to the nForce chips.

The Xbox MAC address is stored in the EEPROM. The network driver, including the protocol stack is contained in the XDK. The kernel only contains a small number of exports to reset and get the state of the NIC.

The Xbox Linux team used the binary drivers from Nvidia[citation needed][FIXME].


   Ethernet II, Src: Microsof_f2:00:00 (00:50:f2:f2:00:00), Dst: Broadcast (ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff)
   MS Network Load Balancing
       Signature: Unknown (0x584f4258)
       Version: 1.1
       Unique Host ID: 3118682055
       Cluster IP: (
       Host IP: (
       Signature Data - Unknown (1481589336)

Wireless adapter

based on the "D-Link 108AG Gaming Adapter", the Xbox MN-740 Wireless Bridge bundled with an Xbox setup disc (which would update the dashboard if necessary). It was also described on Microsoft's website.


The onboard 3 LEDs are Power, Wireless and Xbox(called Ethernet on the PCB). The board seems to have Jtag and what appears to be Serial test pins exposed.


This wireless bridge runs a closed source version of the"ThreadX JADE/Green Hills Version G4.0.4.0" RTOS. The firmware contains a copyright string of: "Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation All Rights Reserved Device is Xbox Compatible"

The latest firmware is separated by a boot and runtime firmware [citation needed] :

  • MN740_01.03.00.0005_BOOT.bin, "Xbox Wireless Adapter (MN-740) boot firmware"
  • MN740_01.00.02.0022_RUNTIME.bin, "Xbox Wireless Adapter (MN-740) runtime firmware"

There were at least 2 firmware updates for download:

Judging by the firmware filenames above, there should also be an MN-740 1.00 and MN740 1.03.

WPA2 support

The shipped firmware does not support WPA or WPA2. A "firmware" hack based on the D-Link firmware adds WPA support, rendering Dashboard support unfunctional and changing settings require connecting to the LAN port using a PC (or web browser capable application).

Software (Xbox setup disc)

The setup disc is a CD[1]. It contains an XISO filesystem that contains only a "default.xbe" which contains a dashboard updater.

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