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For a list of differences between these mainboards, also see Hardware Revisions.

Xbox 1.0

Xbox Version 1.0 Motherboard

The following table is based on an Xbox 1.0[citation needed] retail board.

Device Loc. Part Number Manufacture Description
U2D1 D-2 Pentium III (Coppermine) Intel 733MHz CPU 133MHz FSB 16Kb L1 cache 128Kb L2 cache
U2T1 T-2 SC1186 Semtech Programmable Synchronous DC/DC Converter
U3B1 B-3 LM358D Phillips Dual Operational Amplifier
U3B2 B-4 XGPU nVidia Graphics Processing Unit
U3R1 R-3 CY23S05 Cypress Low-Cost 3.3V Spread Aware Zero Delay Buffer
U3T1 T-3 K4D263238M Samsung 1Mx32Bitx4 DDR Synchronous RAM
U4B1 B-4 CX25871 Conexant Digital Video Encoder (same pinout as Bt868/869)
U4G1 G-5 SC1110CS Semtech Sink and Source DC/DC Controller for Termination Power Supply
U5F1 F-5 K4D263238M Samsung 1Mx32Bitx4 DDR Synchronous RAM
U6A1 A-6 LF353 Texas Instruments Dual General-Purpose JFET-input Operational Amplifier
U6B1 B-6 WM9709 Wolfson Micro High-quality stereo audio DAC (Digital to Analog converter)
U6D1 D-6 K4D263238M Samsung 1Mx32Bitx4 DDR Synchronous RAM
U6E1 E-6 MCPX nVidia Media and Communications Processor
U6F1 F-6 ADM1032 Analog Devices +-1°C Remote and Local System Temperature Monitor
U6N1 N-6 K4D263238M Samsung 1Mx32Bitx4 DDR Synchronous RAM
U7B1 B-7 1893AF Integrated Circuit Systems 3.3V 10Base-T/100Base-TX Integrated PHYceiver
U7B2 B-7 PIC16LC63A-04/S0 Microchip Low voltage 8bit CMOS microcontroller with A/D converter
U7C1 C-7 388R Integrated Circuit Systems Quad PLL Quick Turn Clock Synthesizer
U7C2 C-7 BR24C02 Rohm I2C BUS compatible Serial EEPROM
U7C3 C-7 331M Integrated Circuit Systems Single Output Clock
U7D1 D-7 M29F080A ST Microelectronics 8 MBit (1MB X8, Uniform block) single supply flash memory
U7P1 P-7 <empty> <n/a> <n/a>

USB Daughterboard

Xbox Version 1.0 USB Daughterboard
Device Part Number Manufacture Description
U2 TUSB2046B Texas Instruments 4-Port Hub for USB w/Optional Serial EEPROM Interface

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Xbox 1.2


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