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* [[Engine List]]
* [[Engine List]]
* [[Games/Azurik: Rise of Perathia]]
* [[Games/Grand Theft Auto 3]]
* [[Games/Grand Theft Auto 3]]
* [[Games/Grand Theft Auto Vice City]]
* [[Games/Grand Theft Auto Vice City]]

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Please help us fix this mess. This is an effort to document how the original Microsoft Xbox and the SEGA Chihiro work. We not only care about technical details about those platforms, but also how to develop homebrew and emulate them.

We are not interested in documenting the Xbox 360, Xbox One or any other console at this point.

This wiki was started by xqemu (Xbox emulator) authors. It will become the place for all remaining Xbox projects to come together. If you are interested in helping or discussing this, please come chat with us in #xqemu on freenode.





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