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There were several different retail Xbox hardware revisions, which include the following:

  • Xbox 1.0
    • USB controller is on a separate PCB
    • GPU has a fan on the heat sink
  • Xbox 1.1
    • USB controller moved onto the motherboard
    • Fan removed from the GPU heat sink
  • Xbox 1.2
    • TSOP Size now 256k (Initial Size 1024k)
    • Updated Board Layout
    • Switched to ATX Power connector
  • Xbox 1.3
    • Removed LFrame signal from LPC Port
  • Xbox 1.4
    • Updated Board Layout
    • Switched to the "Focus" Video Encoder
  • Xbox 1.5
    • 3.3v and GND removed from LPC
  • Xbox 1.6
    • New Board Layout with additional RAM Pads removed
    • Removed data and power lines from LPC port
    • Xyclops chip (includes ROM instead of flash = BIOS no longer flashable)
    • Switched to the "XCalibur" Video Encoder
    • Microsoft later switched to lower quality Hynix RAM. These Xboxes with non-Samsung RAM are sometimes referred to as 1.6b by the modding community.

You can find more information about the hardware used in each revision below.

History of Xbox 1.5

Possibly never existed[citation needed], but will otherwise be very rare. Production was halted and 1.4 was produced again[citation needed].


While not definitive, here are some ways to help identify the revision of your Xbox.

Manufacturing Details

Date Range Revision Location
01/2001–07/2002 1.0 Hungary, Mexico
08/2002-01/2003 1.1 China, Mexico
01/2003-03/2003 1.2 China
04/2003-07/2003 1.3 China
09/2003-03/2004 1.4,1.5 China
04/2004-09/2004 1.6 China, Taiwan
09/2004-08/2005 1.6b China, Taiwan

Serial Number

The serial number looks like this:


  • L is the production line
  • NNNNNN is the number produced that week
  • Y is the last digit of the production year
  • WW is the number of the week
  • FF is the factory code

Note, this table contradicts the previous table.

Factory Location Revision
02 Mexico 1.0 or 1.1
03 Hungary 1.0
05 China 1.1 or later
06 Taiwan 1.2 or later
Serial Number Revision
LNNNNNN 23WFF 1.0 or 1.1
LNNNNNN 33WFF 1.4 or 1.5

DVD Drive

There are four retail drives known to be used by Microsoft in the retail version of the console. Any Xbox DVD drive can be used in any retail Xbox.

List of Xbox DVD Drive manufacturers

  • Thomson (Xbox 1.0, 1.1)
  • Philips (Xbox 1.1 and above)
  • Samsung (Any)
  • Hitachi-LG (8050L)(mainly 1.6?)

Xbox DVD Drive determination


The first manufacture is sadly also the worst of all Dvdrom drives manufactured for the original xbox. It has a Cirrus Logic CL-CR3710-60EC-F as its main controller and a 8/3062 HD 64F3062F25 16bit H8/300H secondary samller MPU,at 25Mhz Unkown sofar if there is external flash or if its inside the Cirrus Logic IC.


The Samsung drive is a very popular DVDrom drive for its compatibility for most media types and better quality laser. There are 2 mayor revisions found for this manufacturer

  • X00603-005 Plays CDR
  • X00603-006 Wont play CDR

The DVDrom drive is using the MT1358E (MT1359E is the 360 Sata version) from Mediatek, and has a 39SF020A flashrom. If the firmware from this drive is applied to a SAMSUNG 616T or 616F PC dvd drive it will behave as a Xbox one, modified hardware will allow for tray state and eject to work.


Also named: VAD6011/21 apear to have no brand or partnumber on its large main controller,might be Cirrus Logic based on its size and use of a Philips secondary smaller mcu. flash might be a 39SF020A from SST. The laser ribbon cable connector is different for its various revisions, a detail one must take into account when swapping controller boards.

There should be a tutorial on how to convert a PC dvdrom drive Pioneer 500M with the Philips firmware to be a Xbox dvdrom drive.


The latest manufacture for the DVDrom drive probably used a Panasonic MN103S89FDA for its main controler, appears to have no external flashrom. with this firmware and modified hardware for Eject and traystate, a LG GDR-8163B or LG DRD-8160B might act as a drop in replacement after altering either case.

Hitachi-LG GDR-8050L

This DVD-rom drive, most commonly found in Xbox 1.6 and 1.6b is capable of reading DVD-+R, DVD-RW and CDRW media, but fails to boot most CD-R discs source: xbox-hq.com Hitachi-LG GDR-8050L DVD Drive In Xbox.

on 30 January 2006 TheSpecialist posted at Xboxhacker.net that he successfully flashed a Hitachi drive to boot a copied game on an unmodded xbox: breakthrough: XBOX 1 firmware hacked !

Hard Drive

Revision Drive Manufacturer Drive Model Number Capacity
1.0 Seagate ST310211A 10G
1.0 (XB:2001-10-26 FF=02) Western Digital WD80EB-00CGH0 8G
1.1 (XB:2001-10-29 FF=03) Western Digital WD80EB-28CGH1 8G
1.2 Western Digital WD80EB-28DFH2 8G
1.3+ Seagate ST10014ACE 10G

Video encoder

Video Chip Revision
Conexant 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
Focus 1.4, 1.5
Xcalibur 1.6


Xbox Model Manufacturer Model
1.4 (Others?) Catalyst CAT24WC02J

MCPX Version

MCPX Version Revision
1.0 1.0
1.1 1.1 - 1.6

BIOS Version

Kernel Version Revision
3944, 4034, 4036, 4627 1.0
4817, 4972 1.1
5101, 5713 1.2 - 1.5
5838 1.6