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The Xbox contains a DVD Drive which can read Xbox Game Discs. For a list of drives Microsoft used in the Xbox, see Hardware Revisions.

Extra commands / modifications






Page 0x3E is used for security. Accessed through MODE SELECT 10 and MODE SENSE 10. [FIXME]

Offset Field Type Notes
0 Mode page u8
1 Length u8 Excluding this and the field before. Should always be 18
2 Partition select u8 0x00 = Video partition
0x01 = Xbox partition

This will be set to 0x01 by the kernel when the last challenge was verified. This is done by sending the same challenge again, the challenge id / value is not reset.
3 Unknown u8 If this is not 1, the kernel will reject this as an XGD (but still allow normal access?![citation needed])
4 Authenticated u8 0x00 = Not authenticated
0x01 = Already authenticated or authentication in progress

This will be set to 0x01 by the kernel when the first challenge is send.
5 Booktype (0xF0) and Bookversion (0x0F) u8 Booktype 0xD is used for Xbox games. This must match info from the SS.
6 Unknown u8  ?
7 Challenge id u8
8 Challenge value u32
12 Response value u32
16 Unknown u8 Unused?
17 Unknown u8 Unused?
18 Unknown u8 Unused?
19 Unknown u8 Unused?

DVD authentication


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